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Lost Ratings

Get Lost...

Find out which Lost character you are!
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Welcome to lostrating, a community where other users place you as one of the characters from ABC's hit show, Lost, according to your personality and looks.

This community was moderated by amethyst_fluff and smugglers_prize. It is now moderated by mouette_lunaire. The stamps were provided by clippedwings and mouette_lunaire and the community's design was coded by moordryd_icons.

1. No insulting members.

2. Do NOT cater your survey to fit a character. If you and a character are similar, that is fine, but please be honest!

3. No character bashing or saying you hate a character to try and manipulate the votes in your favor. The same goes for those casting votes. Don't list a character as one of your 'dislikes' either.

4. You may not promote in this community, seeing as all affiliates will be mentioned once in the weekly voting reminder anyway.

5. You may re-apply up to three times with a pause of at least two months between each applicaton. More than three applications can be posted with permission from the mod, but you're recommended to have a better reason than 'boredom' or 'fishing for character X failed again' if you want us to make an exception.

6. Only mods are allowed to stamp people.

7. Don't make any drama if you get stamped as someone you don't like.

8. To make sure you've read the rules, include the word tropical in the subject line of your post.

1. Bold your votes! You can do so by <*b*>using this code<*/b*> without the *s.

2. Put some thought and effort into the votes you're placing. Don't just cope (one of) the vote(s) already cast and think for yourself. Also, please ELABORATE YOUR CHOICE.

3. After approximately seven votes you will be stamped. Feel free to drop a comment if you think that your application has been forgotten or left unstamped for too long.

4. You may vote applicants as two characters if you cannot decide, or you feel they are like two diferent characters. Just use good judgment.

5. Applicants are allowed to state which GENDER and from which SEASON they'd like their votes to be, so please VOTE ACCORDINGLY! Do NOT vote a *female only* person as Jack and do NOT mention Libby for somebody who wants season 1 characters only.

Just copy and paste what's in the box and you're ready to go.

After receiving a regular stamp you may apply for our current theme. Its rules, application and stamps can be found under the link.


Our current stock of stamps can be found HERE.

You can browse through the tags in order to find all applications stamped after 02/16/08.

Older applications can be found on the list of stamped members which is no longer updated as of 02/16/08.

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